Art Wood Furniture

Art Wood Furniture came to reality from a life long love of wood and the belief that furniture should be built to last. The business formed around friendship and a desire to provide hand made and refinished furniture. Linda Martin, born and raised on a family farm in North Texas is the build expert with a meticulous mind for joinery and 3D vision. Terry Ehrhardt, a city girl transplanted from Pennsylvania, developed her passion for furniture refinishing and design from a Master furniture builder in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Together they formed AWF with the idea that everyone could afford a custom piece of furniture in their home. The hand-built furniture are one of a kind and in homes around central Texas.  Each piece is individually designed with the clients needs in mind. Some pieces have been made from reclaimed lumber, old flooring from a business in Lorena, old barn wood, wine barrels from local wineries, and old pallets. We also offer refinishing and re-imagining old pieces. No project is  too small.