Joel Jacobson

Joel Jacobson was born and raised in Waco, Texas. From a very early age, Joel's father would take him to night classes at the local community wood shop. There, his passion for carpentry and design blossomed. He started out learning how to make small woodworking projects from raw wood using heirloom hand tools. Joel loved woodworking right away, and spent almost all of his spare time and money designing and building furniture, along with acquiring specialty tools. His next door neighbor, a retired craftsman and carpenter, hired Joel. It was an after school apprenticeship, where he learned how to build acoustic guitars.
Currently Joel interns for Heritage Barns, a restoration company in Waco that specializes in restoring 200 year-old East Coast barns into homes and businesses across the nation and the world. 
Joel creates his furniture from the reclaimed wood left over from his projects.